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Dining in Greece is an activity that stimulates all the senses.

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~ It is impossible for someone to think of Greece, Cyprus or the islands without thinking of the colors, sights, aroma, the blue skies, crystal clear waters and above all, the flavors of the Greek Cooking.

~ Those people who know Greece, Cyprus and the Islands, even if only from a brief visit, are aware that there is a vigorous culinary tradition in the country, with a distinct identity and character.

~ There is a robust regional and local Cuisine and an informed and lively interest in food and flavors.

~ All these aspects are linked, in an amazing continuity of traditions with the ancient world of over 2000 years ago.

~ Ancient Greece is universally accepted as the cradle of Western civilization.

~ In such civilization, could it have been possible that food and its preparation would not have been taken seriously?

~ In fact, the ancient Greeks regarded cooking as an art and a science and throughout the ancient world Greek Chefs were accorded the status and reputation that French chefs now enjoy.


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~ Dining in Greece is an activity that stimulates all the senses; the food-aromatic, pungent and colorful is consumed with great pleasure.

~ Whether the occasion is an ordinary family dinner or a splendid festive celebration, the dining table is the place to enjoy each other’s company.

~ In the villages the traditional way of dining is still observed and is very pleasant and relaxed.

~ A table is set in the courtyard, under a vine or surrounded by fruit trees, and on it a spread of variety of mezethes for the guests and family to nibble on until the main meal is served.

~ This brief introduction to Greek gastronomic history and present day culinary practices gives just a shadowy outline of the rich character and tradition of the Greek cuisine.


~ The best way to really appreciate the variety, flavor and sheer pleasure of the best Greek food and make it your favor is to try it.

~ Since much of this food is to be found in out of the way taverns or on a domestic tables, rather than a in ritzy restaurants, trying your self-hands on at some of the regional and national specialties in this website is the ideal introduction to the expressive Greek attitude to food and cookery and to enjoy some of the unpretentious, flavorsome foods the Greeks delight in.

~ From appetizers to desserts you will find strength and subtlety verve and vigor in these flavors of Greece and discover the wonderful legacy that Greek chefs of the past have left us.

~ Thank you for visiting my website, enjoy your tour and I hope you find the recipe you are looking for and make it you favorite Greek recipe as I did.

~ Good luck and enjoy your tour at My Favorite Greek Recipes.



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